Financial Statements

Accurate and timely financial statements are critical to every owners' ability to operate their business and make important decisions. We work with our clients and their teams to implement accounting best practices that lead to healthy financial statements. Our team performs periodic assessments and monitors key performance indicators to ensure clients are on track to succeed. We also offer outsourced bookkeeping services to smaller clients.

Tax Preparation

Tax filings are more than just a required annual obligation - they are an opportunity for businesses and individuals to maximize cash flow. We work closely with our clients to constantly monitor income tax liabilities, explore tax savings, and maintain wealth.

Audit Representation

We have extensive experience representing our clients in front of federal and state taxing authorities. Together with our clients we work to reach favorable audit results and reduce their exposure.

Transaction Planning

We assist our clients in planning and executing business sales, mergers, and acquisition. Whether they are looking to grow their business through a purchase or reach early retirement through a sale, we provide our clients with the guidance and services necessary to ensure their goals are met. 

Tax Planning

To quote Benjamin Franklin, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” While taxes are inevitable, we believe lack of proper planning creates unnecessary tax burden. Our hands on and personal approach allows to manage our clients tax liability and minimize audit risk.

Operational Guidance

For many of our clients we are leaned on for much more than tax and accounting. We provide our clients with direction on operational best practices, bank financing, job costing, employee retention, marketing, and various other topics critical to the success of all small businesses. 

Other Offerings

  • Sales Tax Filings

  • Sales Tax Nexus Studies

  • Insurance Premium Audits

  • Payroll Taxes

  • Non-Profit Tax Filings

  • New Business Creation

  • IRS Liens, IRS Levies, IRS Seizures

  • Estimated Tax Payments

  • Estate & Gift Taxes